their name is ramiel celion, this is their personal blog.

this site contains information about their upcoming project, l'appel du vide, along with various other works that they have done!


01- Major Post

i don't know if i will be including the modern characters into the final project; they feel very pushed aside and i feel that they won't really be key players. the gang can be reworked and used in a different project, i have grown too attached to just throw them out.

that decision is still in the air. i'm not sure if i should make it official.

i just don't feel like i've worked on their character too much; they don't fit. i know that's my fault entirely but i just don't feel like they belong in l'appel du vide. it's like they were made for something else; something better than this.

for now, brooke, bella, allison, jade, north, and aiden will be back on the drawing board (literally).


02- Araceli Aubrynrul.

araceli has been updated a lot more than my other characters. and i would like to list them here for fact checking.

araceli aubrynrul, 26, is an artificially made elemental-blood. she was given her late father's blood at the age of 17, and was then taken in by the scamalian government (which i will get into in a later post.)

she was born on a dark night, which gave her the dark, rich blue of the sky that she was born in.

her father was elemental-blooded and served in the scamalian army. but due to an overlook in his birth certificate, he was not sent to the Hyl'viro Forest like other EBs. he died on the battlefield and they then discovered that he had EB.

araceli was then taken in by general maubyr. she was trained to fight and is lieutenant-colonel by the time the story takes place.

she acts as the leader of the group, but she is not the protagonist of the story.

araceli's EB enhances the power she already had obtained as a scamalian. instead of just merging gases with her body, she can also turn water into vapor and merge her body with lightning. by the time the story takes place, araceli is still in the process of mastering how she weaponizes her new abilities. she gets the hang of it somewhere in the middle of the story, though.